About Calisen Group

Calisen is a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets, as well as a provider of installation, meter reading, electric vehicle charging, maintenance and ancillary services, whose purpose is to accelerate the development of a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy segment.

Calisen’s current focus is on capturing the opportunities offered by the ongoing government-mandated roll-out of smart meters in Britain. Smart meters are believed to be a key enabler of a new decentralised and digital energy landscape in Britain, and a key element of the investment required to move towards decarbonisation.

Calisen’s operations consist of two business units: Calvin Capital and Lowri Beck. Calvin Capital, the larger of the two business units, is almost exclusively a meter asset provider (“MAP”) that procures, installs, owns and manages a growing portfolio of domestic electricity and gas meters, with a particular focus on smart meters. As a MAP, Calvin Capital manages its revenue-generating meters by tracking them from delivery to installation and ultimately through removal. Calvin Capital’s customers consist of energy retailers, including the largest energy retailers in Britain (known in the industry as the “Large Energy Retailers”) and smaller energy retailers in Britain that are not Large Energy Retailers (known in the industry as “Challenger Energy Retailers”).

The Lowri Beck business unit installs metering equipment and provides meter reading and associated services. It also installs electric vehicle charging points under its separate trading division – Plug Me In. The capability to carry out installation work using in-house personnel as well as the ability to offer meter operator provision (or “MOP”), meter asset management (or “MAM”) and meter reading and ancillary services to its energy retailer customers is complementary to Calvin Capital’s MAP business and allows Calisen to better serve a wider range of its energy retailer customers’ metering needs.