Our History

Calvin Capital

The origins of Calisen’s MAP business unit, Calvin Capital, can be traced back to Ofgem’s decision in 2000 to introduce competition into the provision of gas and electricity metering. Since its first contracts in 2002, Calisen has grown into one of the largest independent MAPs in Britain. Subsequent contracts with both Large and Challenger Energy Retailers have allowed Calisen to experience strong financial and meter growth, increasing the number of Calvin Capital’s revenue-generating meters from approximately 3.5 million in 2011 (prior to the first installations of smart meters) to approximately 9.8 million as at 31 December 2021.  With the advent of smart meters, Calisen’s meter portfolio has gradually shifted over time from traditional meters to smart meters.

Lowri Beck

Lowri Beck provides complementary capabilities to carry out meter installation work using in-house personnel as well as the ability to offer MOP, MAM, meter reading and ancillary services. This allows Calisen to enhance its offerings by providing its customers with a broader range of domestic metering services throughout the life-cycle of its meters.

Plug Me In

In line with Calisen’s strategy, Lowri Beck also provides a platform for the potential for future procurement, installation, ownership and management of a wider range of high-volume, small-value digital energy assets, such as energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In 2020 it became an OZEV approved installer of electric vehicle charging points and in mid-2021 it launched Plug Me In, a separate trading division under which such activities will take place.