Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy



Strictly Necessary Cookies


Are those cookies used by Calisen to deliver and maintain on-line services, including providing basic website functionality, remembering your choices, facilitating transactions and payments, fraud prevention, and maintaining and securing our websites.


Strictly Necessary Cookies used for these purposes are deployed automatically for all users as soon as they enter our websites. If you wish to use our sites you cannot opt out of these cookies as they are an essential and integral feature.



Non-essential cookies


With your consent, we’ll also use what we call ‘non-essential’ cookies to:


  1. Improve the quality of our services and develop new ones (Performance Cookies).
  2. Enable special website features such as widgets or embedded media files (Performance Cookies).
    These special features are not essential to the operation of the website but are intended to enhance user experience. They also allow us to develop and test new website features.


Show personalised content based on your interests, preferences or location


We use these cookies to improve the way our websites works so that we can personalise your experience and show you content which is most relevant to you.  



Show personalised or generic adverts on third-party websites


We also use cookies to help us deliver online advertising that we believe is most relevant to you on third-party websites, including on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Google (Targeted Cookies).


These types of cookies may collect information about your online attributes or behaviour, such as your device identifier and/or IP address, the website you arrived from and information about your browsing and purchase history.


To help us to deliver online advertising that is relevant to you, we may also collect data through cookies in the browser of your desktop computer.


Deliver and measure the effectiveness of adverts, marketing and promotional communications


Some cookies can tell us if you have seen a specific advert, and when you saw it. This information allows us to measure the effectiveness of our online advertising campaigns and control the number of times you are shown an advert.


We also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of our marketing communications, for example by telling us if you have opened a marketing email that we have sent.



Retention of cookies on your device(s)


Persistent cookies will be retained for no longer than is necessary for our purposes outlined in this Cookie policy. In general, cookies will not be retained for more than 18 months. In exceptional cases, cookies may be retained for longer but only if required and following appropriate internal sign off.





You can continue to use our websites and complete transactions without consenting to cookies, but if you do this some website functionality may be impaired.


Note - if you have already consented to cookies on our website, you can change your preferences at any time by clearing cookies from your browser and re-entering our site. This will cause the pop-up banner to re-display, and you can choose to use the site(s) without consenting to cookies.


The Cookies that we use are:



Cookie Name 



Google Analytics  


 2 years 

This cookie will store information about how you use our website. It will uniquely identify you from other users of our website. The purposes that we use this data for include but are not limited to the duration of your visit, the number of visits and what pages you visit during a session. This is used to generate statistical reports, aiding in website optimisation and user experience enhancement. 

Google Analytics Session 


24 hours 

As above, however this cookie only lasts until the end of the session or 24 hours, whatever occurs first. 

Google Rate Limiting 


1 Minute 

This cookie will be used to limit users who submit excessive requests to our site. It will uniquely identify you but stores no other personal information.