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Calvin Capital and Lowri Beck rebranded Calisen Metering under a shared brand identity

Calvin Capital and Lowri Beck rebranded Calisen Metering under a shared brand identity

Calisen Limited ("Calisen" or "the Company") is excited to announce that it is today launching a new brand – Calisen Metering - which will see the retirement of the Lowri Beck and Calvin Capital brands and the launch of a new shared identity. Whilst the Company has been offering a combined and holistic metering service to its customers for some time, bringing this together into one corporate identity is a key milestone in the journey to becoming the UK’s largest owner and installer of energy transition equipment for homes and businesses. 


The new brand identity, along with a renewed set of values and iconography, will be more recognisable and aligned with Calisen’s purpose: to deliver Smarter Energy for All.


By bringing our businesses closer together, Calisen is able to better combine and utilise the collective knowledge, experience, and industry relationships of its people; as well as leverage the combined assets, services, and data. This will enable Calisen to execute its strategy more efficiently, help suppliers make better decisions, and help customers use energy in a better and more sustainable way, all while delivering the same exceptional service stakeholders have come to expect.


By bringing its brands together, Calisen will be more recognisable as one company.  Calisen already has one strategy, and one team working together for a common set of objectives – using its skills, resources, and the deployment of infrastructure to help its customers transition to net zero.


An integral part of the brand redevelopment and full integration of Lowri Beck and Calvin Capital has been the creation of a shared set of values to guide behaviour and reflect Calisen’s workforce’s existing strengths and shared ambitions. Working closely with employees across the group, Calisen’s new values are:


o   We are one team.

o   We put safety and wellbeing first.

o   We do the right thing.

o   We care.

o   We build for the future.  


Sean Latus, Chief Executive Officer at Calisen, said, “The last few years have been transformative for us as a business, and the value to our customers from our colleagues all working more closely together has become increasingly apparent. By bringing everyone together under a single shared identity, we will be able to form better connections both internally and externally, better deliver for our customers and business partners, be more uniquely recognisable, and achieve our purpose of delivering smarter energy for all.”


San Johal, Chief People Officer at Calisen, said, “Our people with their shared sense of commitment and purpose have been at the heart of our efforts to bring all parts of our business closer together. In particular, the development of our new set of values has been a fantastic opportunity for conversation, connection, and a celebration of the journey that we are on. We are all excited for what we continue to collectively achieve.”