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Empowering the Future: Supporting Manchester and Wigan Youth Zones

Empowering the Future: Supporting Manchester and Wigan Youth Zones

Young people are the heartbeat of our nation’s future, yet not all are afforded the same opportunities to thrive. That’s certainly the case in areas of Greater Manchester, where, as a company, we have our roots. Calisen’s heritage is built on our legacy companies Calvin Capital and Lowri Beck, both of which, in a case of remarkable coincidence, have long supported two Youth Zones, in Manchester and Wigan respectively. We are extremely proud to continue our support for these two incredibly important charities and to be able to provide funding and opportunities to give some of the most deprived young people in the north of England a chance to change their story.



About Manchester Youth Zone


Manchester Youth Zone (MYZ) was founded in February 2012 is in Harpurhey, literally just a few miles from our Manchester office. Harpurhey is one of the worst wards in England for the effect of long-term deprivation on children. For the last decade MYZ has provided a beacon of hope to local young people, offering mentorship, educational support, free meals, residential trips, as well as opportunities to improve their employability, including support writing CVs, preparing for interviews and finding work experience.


About Wigan Youth Zone



Since 2013, Wigan Youth Zone (WYZ) has been the place that provides a safe and supportive space where every young person has an opportunity to meet friends, learn new skills and access the support they need to develop and achieve their potential. Its purpose built facilities include four 40-metre floodlit football pitches, an art room, a music room, a climbing wall, recording studio, skate park, gym and recreational area. 



Lowri Beck was a founding patron of WYZ and Calvin Capital has supported MYZ for over a decade. We are delighted to be able to continue our support of both charities for years to come. 



Making a positive impact on our communities


As a company we are dedicated to be making a positive impact on the communities we work and live within. Support to alleviate poverty, with a particular focus on food, mental wellbeing and education, is crucial in enabling young people and their families to thrive and achieve their full potential. 



One of a couple of areas we have supported have been the Youth Zones’ mental health services and hot meals services. Our support for MYZ in 2023 included providing 10,000 free hot meals, as well as funding for families to go on a three-day adventure holiday. 



“The support from Calisen for our free food offer has been crucial in allowing us to support all our young people and ensure they can enjoy and maximise their time at Manchester Youth Zone. We know that in these uncertain economic times that this support has helped countless families and ensured the health and happiness of our children not only at MYZ, but in the wider community.”  James Hampson, Head of Fundraising, Manchester Youth Zone.



In 2023, WYZ our funding for WYZ enabled them to increase their mental health provision. We have also donated Christmas gifts to their toy appeal.



“We simply cannot thank Calisen enough for their support in 2023; the funding and help we have received from the team has helped us transform our targeted youth work. We have been able to work with hundreds of young people who needed that extra level of support, having meaningful conversations that often create those ‘light bulb’ moments that can literally change lives.” Lynsey Heys, Head of Fundraising, Wigan Youth Zone.



Empowering and employing young people


But our commitment doesn't stop there. We believe in empowering young minds for the long haul. Our Industry Insight Days where groups of young people from the Youth Zones attend our training academy, and our forthcoming Careers Fair exemplify our dedication to nurturing local talent, providing opportunities and inspiration, and diversifying our workforce. 



By opening our doors and minds to these young individuals, we aim to ignite sparks of possibility. We want them to envision futures with potential, whether as EV charger installers, heat pump engineers, or office-based professionals, and we hope that we can inspire them to join us on that journey so that we can nurture and develop our workforce.



Reflecting on our journey alongside MYZ and WYZ reminds us that true impact is more than just monetary donations - it's about fostering lasting partnerships and change, and nurturing the potential within every young person in our community. Together, we're not just shaping futures; we're sculpting a brighter, more equitable tomorrow for all.