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Fuelling Innovation: Calisen's Smart Energy Academy - Where Careers Ignite

Welcome to Calisen, the driving force behind the UK's smart energy technology revolution. With over two decades of transformative experience, we stand proudly as one of the country's largest owners and installers of cutting-edge energy transition technology for both homes and businesses. At the core of our success lies our exceptional team – a team united by a profound sense of purpose to build the sustainable infrastructure and technology that will power the nation. 

Fuelling Innovation: Calisen's Smart Energy Academy - Where Careers Ignite

To ensure we stay ahead of the curve, we established a dedicated in-house training facility in Ashton in 2016. Recognising the importance of recruiting and retaining top talent, the Calisen Smarter Energy Academy serves as the foundation for our journey towards a sustainable future.


The Calisen commitment to excellence
Since its doors opened eight years ago, over 1000 operatives have been through their technical training journey at the Academy. Today our in-house trainers deliver 14 different types of training programmes covering all aspects of our business, from metering and EV charging installation to heat pump installation. But it’s not just new recruits who are put through their paces. What sets us apart is our commitment to continuous improvement. Every operative returns to the academy every three years for refresher training, ensuring that their standards, procedures and protocols are up to scratch. There’s also always the opportunity to attend courses to gain additional skills and qualifications.


Why do we insist on in-house training? Every time they enter a customer’s home or business, our operatives are representing our company. We want to make sure that they deliver the very highest standards of service and workmanship. By developing our own robust training programmes, monitoring our in-house trainers and assessors, and investing in our training facilities and resources, we guarantee consistency in the level of training delivered and the competencies and skills of our operatives.


Beyond training: Crafting careers in smart energy
Our training programmes are designed in line with the Standards and assessment criteria of laid down by our awarding bodies, but it’s not just technical skills that we are instilling in our operatives. We recruit individuals who demonstrably share our company values, prioritising team collaboration, health and safety, respect and integrity. At the end of their training, we can be confident that our operatives not only possess the necessary knowledge and skills, but also the right attitude and behaviours.


Our commitment to excellence is validated not only by the positive feedback we receive from our course evaluations and our 5-star Trust Pilot and customer reviews, but also by our external auditors. Regularly audited by certification bodies, our Academy has received zero actions and recommendations in the last three years, which is testament to our investment in our training facility and our dedication to quality.


But there’s no time to get complacent. We recognise that we’re in an incredibly exciting, innovative and competitive industry. That’s why we’re working hard on our learning and development strategies to extend our training offerings to non-field based colleagues. While proud of our colleagues' achievements, including four senior leaders who began as graduates, we acknowledge the need for enhanced succession planning to promote career progression across the business.


Calisen’s massive recruitment drive: Your future starts here
That said, whilst we would always favour promoting from within, we simply can’t keep up with our recruitment requirements. Smart energy transition is rolling out at a pace and if we want to keep up with demand and stay ahead of the curve, then we need to recruit top talent now. That’s why we are on a massive recruitment drive, with office based and engineer and operative roles being recruited for across the country. If you believe you have what it takes to contribute to our mission, check out our extensive list of job vacancies and connect with us today to be part of Calisen's exciting journey toward a sustainable future.