Introducing Calisen Smart 360


Here at Calisen our purpose is to accelerate the use of smarter energy. That’s why we are launching Calisen Smart 360 – a new managed service offering to help fix and maintain smart energy meters in homes and small businesses across the UK. 

Introducing Calisen Smart 360 – supporting energy suppliers to meet smart meter regulatory requirements


According to the latest update on the rollout of smart meters from the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts , there are currently around three million smart meters that aren’t functioning properly. That’s 9% of the total number of smart meters that have been installed to date, that are either not sending energy use information to suppliers or not displaying usage to consumers, or both. 


Energy suppliers are being encouraged to replace smart meters that aren't communicating, but we've got a better suggestion that will also help you meet your "all reasonable steps" requirements to maintain smart meter functionality.  Let our national team of trained meter operatives resolve the issues with your non-communicating smart meters. It will not only be a lower cost to serve in comparison to using your own MOP/MAM, but it will allow you, as an energy supplier, to focus your efforts and resources on installing smart meters and meeting your regulatory targets. 


Smart 360 is designed not only to fix and maintain smart meters, but also extend their life span. With a nationwide trained team of experts, we are perfectly positioned to address and resolve any smart meters that are not functioning properly. Our team will ascertain the problem and, where possible fix it - whether that’s carrying out commissioning steps, joining the meter to the Home Area Network or rebooting the communications hub. We also have the triaging facilities and infrastructure to identify and clean up smart meters that are off the wall so they can be reinstalled. Meters that are damaged will be quarantined and either returned to the manufacturer as a warranty claim or sustainably recycled. 


The Smart 360 service offering includes:


  • Smart Firmware 360 – Providing access via an online portal to the range of meter manufacturer’s firmware images and upgrade paths, to help you plan and implement your meter upgrade programme.


  • Smart Reboot 360 – From asset verification to smart meter commissioning, joining meters to the HAN, communications hub power cycling, our team will identify and rectify any smart meter issues.


  • Smart Triage 360 – Where a smart meter has been removed from a property we can assess it to identify those that can be reinstalled, those that are damaged and should be recycled or those that can be returned to the Manufacturer as a warranty claim. This will help to reduce waste and maximise your smart meter portfolio. 


The House of Commons report also suggests that not enough has been done to educate consumers of the benefits of smart meters. They’ve set new targets for the rollout programme and suppliers are now expected to install smart meters in at least 74.5% of homes and 69% of small businesses by the end of 2025. We can help energy suppliers to meet these targets.


Advizzo, a Calisen company, provides customer engagement solutions for energy and water companies. Advizzo’s SaaS solutions use behavioural and data science to understand and trigger customer engagement – through personalised and timely behavioural messages across multiple channels. These interactions with customers promote confidence and trust – an essential tool in any effort by suppliers to encourage conversion to smart meters. Discover how Advizzo can help you with your smart meter roll-out and optimise your smart meter data - click here to find out more. 


Talk to us today about Smart 360 and let us help you keep your costs down and your customers happy, by maximising the number of smart meters that function properly. Call us on 0161 220 1900 or fill in our contact form here. We'd love to get on board with you.


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