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It’s time to get smart about fixing smart meters

The Calisen Smart 360 Solution

Last year the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (Desnez), reported that as of June 2023, 2.7 million smart energy meters weren’t operating in smart mode. However, Desnez has now confirmed that there was a data reporting error in the June figure, revealing that the true extent of the issue was in fact 4.31million weren’t operating in smart mode. The number dropped slightly to 3.98 by the end of the year.


The problem is echoed in Which’s latest energy satisfaction survey where, of the 9,025 energy customers surveyed in October 2023, smart meters not sending meter reading, was the third most common problem respondents had with their energy supplier.1 The survey also revealed that smart meter displays and smart meters not sending readings were among the problems least likely to be resolved by suppliers. 


These figures have been revealed as customers continue to report how faulty meters have left them with huge bills. If a meter malfunctions over a long period the bills can quickly rack up, and many customers report facing a battle to get a refund.  


Ofgem is asking suppliers to take all reasonable steps to ensure they are able to communicate with their customers’ smart meters and has asked suppliers to provide more detail on how they plan to tackle connectivity issues. 


Racing to zero one smart device at a time
Smart meters are critical to helping us tackle the climate emergency. Not only do they help network operators to balance the grid by providing more information about national energy consumption, they also help suppliers be more efficient in how much energy they produce. At the same time they help consumers see and understand their energy usage and lower their consumption. 


We’ve made smarter so much simpler
Here at Calisen we’re on a mission to provide smarter energy for all. That is why we’re working together with energy suppliers to help them resolve the issues with their non-communicating smart meters. With a nationwide trained team of smart meter experts, we are perfectly positioned to address and resolve any smart meters that are not functioning properly – and that’s why we’re offering energy suppliers our Smart 360 service.


Our team can visit your customers to ascertain the problem and, where possible, fix it - whether that’s carrying out commissioning steps, joining the meter to the Home Area Network or rebooting the communications hub. We have found that this approach resolves issues with around two thirds of non-communicating smart meters. This reduces the need for a more expensive meter exchange and is a more straight forward experience for the end customer. We are also offering triaging facilities and infrastructure to identify and clean up smart meters that are off the wall so they can be reinstalled. Read more about Calisen Smart 360.


If you’re an energy customer and concerned that your smart meter isn’t functioning properly, then it’s worth checking on your bill that the readings are showing as 'Smart'. If they are showing as 'Estimate' it's worth contacting your energy supplier.  


Together we’re leading the charge to smarter energy for all. Calisen, alongside Plug Me In and Advizzo are committed to realising a future where every consumer enjoys the benefits of smart energy management. Join us in our mission to unlock the full potential of smart meters and usher in a new era of energy efficiency for all.


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