Delivering smart energy infrastructure for a sustainable future






Reaching net zero has never meant so much

Empowering our clients to navigate the path towards net zero is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage our expertise, resources, and cutting-edge infrastructure to guide businesses in achieving their sustainability goals, whilst striving to achieve ours.


Through the ownership, financing, installation and servicing of technologies such as smart meters, EV chargers and heat pumps, we can help shape a future where businesses not only meet but exceed net zero expectations.


With Calisen, reaching net zero has never been so easy – with most businesses benefiting from zero upfront cost, zero hassle and zero worries. We’ll never stop making the smarter future easier, because zero has never meant so much.

Why Calisen?

Safety is our top priority

The health and safety of our customers, consumers and employees is our number one priority.

Proven track record

A strong heritage spanning over 20 years, with deep roots in the MAP sector and smart meter roll-out. Placing us as experts in our field and market leaders.

National coverage

Reaching homes and businesses across Great Britain, delivering high-quality services.

Sustainable solutions

Cutting edge technologies and supporting financing propositions in the roll-out and ownership of smart meters, EV charging, heat pumps and data services.

meters that we own, track and bill within our portfolio

infrastructure assets installed per year

site visits and meter reads collected per year

Our Smart Metering Services

We’re a major player in the smart meter roll-out in Great Britain, helping energy suppliers with full end-to-end metering services, including the provision (MAP), installation and maintenance (MOP/MAM), meter reading and data collection/aggregation (DC/DA) of electricity and gas metering infrastructure. Smart meters are a key enabler in the digital energy landscape as we move towards decarbonisation and a cleaner future.

Meet the Senior Calisen Metering Team

Joe Unsworth

Joe has over 13 years of experience in the industry and joined Calvin Capital in 2015. Joe is responsible for all commercial activities across the Calisen Metering division which includes all the MAP and Metering service lines, covering business development, account management, commercial negotiation and delivery, contract management and pricing/financial modelling. Previous roles include Investment Director at Calisen responsible for the capital structure of the MAP businesses and new acquisitions.
Alison Lang

Alison is responsible for end-to-end MAP operations across Calisen including due diligence, regulation, industry data, accurate billing of MAP rental, meter health and reporting. Alison also leads the Calisen wide logistics and supply chain functions with responsibility for warehousing, asset handling and tracking and asset procurement.
Grant Qualey

Grant has over 16 years’ experience in the industry and joined Lowri Beck in 2007. Grant is responsible for day-to-day operations across Calisen Metering, covering the meter installation (MOP/MAM), meter reading and Smart 360 service lines with responsibility across the field and back office. Previous roles include Business Development Director and Head of Smart Transformation at Lowri Beck.

Our Other Companies in the Group

We’re passionate about a sustainable energy ecosystem and using smart meters, heat pumps and EV charging to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. Take a look at our Calisen companies helping us to achieve just that.

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Our dedicated training programme

Smarter Energy Academy

The Calisen Smarter Energy Academy offers our engineers with industry-leading knowledge and skills to help deliver the exceptional standards of service Calisen is renowned for. Along with our unwavering commitment to Health and Safety, the academy's comprehensive programme of training is designed to reinforce a culture of collaboration, team-building and continuous learning.

Smart energy is here to stay. Don’t get left behind.

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