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Calisen provides meter reading and DC/DA services to its energy retailer customers, providing tailored solutions in support of the gas, electricity and water markets.


We offer a cyclical and non-cyclical service and have the ability to meet the needs of your meter reading strategy based on read type and read frequency.


Employing over 600 meter readers and carrying out over 4 million site visits each year, Calisen provides the scale and capability of reliable data collection nationwide.


Why choose Calisen?

Extensive experience

Knowledge of what's important when reading meters and gaining access

Safe and secure

All of your data is safe and secure

National coverage

Reaching businesses and their customers across Great Britain

Competitive offering

Being one of few national metering reading agents, we’re able to use our density and productivity to keep the cost to serve low

sites visited and reads collected each year

meter readers located across Great Britain

years providing meter reading services to energy suppliers

Our data services

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Smart data collection starts with Calisen

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